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Watch: 'They Daily Show' exposes birth control-penis pump double standard

Although the birth control mandate has been hotly debated and contested for its burden on taxpayers, Medicare has spent $872 million on penis pumps in the last five years alone. Viagra has also received $819 million and Cyalis more than $782 million. But you’ll never hear those numbers being debated anywhere.

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It’s so cold that this is how I’m doing my statistics practicals.

It’s so cold that this is how I’m doing my statistics practicals.

“And then suddenly I become sad for no reason, and it takes me days to get over that feeling.”

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Over literally changed my outfit 8 times this morning and I have to leave in 10 minutes.

I am honestly so insecure about my appearance that I fight my way out of going to events. I also never buy anything “nice” for myself because I hate the way I look in everything so when an event comes up I don’t actually have anything to wear.

Like my main attire is jeans and an oversized jumper because it hides my body. It hides my thighs which I see jiggle with every step I take, it hides my arms because mine are naturally large, something that all women in my family have - no matter their size, and it hides my stomach where rolls of fat bundle up when I sit, bend or turn certain ways.

I absolutely hate my body and I absolutely hate going out because buying these “nice” clothes make all of these features stand out to me and I can’t stand it, so I go out wearing what I normally wear and then feel insecure for dressing like a dag.

I can’t fucking win.

Currently playing a mini game where my character is an orange… a day in the life.

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"This One's A Cheap Shot"
by Every Avenue


Every Avenue
This One’s A Cheap Shot
Shh, Just Go With It

When did we think that this would be easy?We must have been out of our minds!
We were holding so tight. It just slipped through our fingers,
But we won’t let go…


Paying homage to the Rated R Superstar.

No matter how hard anyone tries, they will never be as badass as my boyfriend.

Jason’s only been a manager in the independent scene for a couple of months but I’ve never heard of anyone as progressing as fast as he has. He’s worked with so many people and for so many companies that I’ve lost count! He came up with #Spotlight all on his own and has been has been fortunate enough to manage Austin Bradely, Kyle Maverick,  Jerrod Harris, Tripp Cassidy and Johnny Sixx. Through all that, he became a crowd favourite through working for a companies like D1W, IWA Mid South, and Evolution Pro Wrestling just to name a few.

He has such a connection with the crowd and loves what he does. He can be away at these shows up to three times a week while also working on his movies whenever he can, working his day job and fitting in time to talk to me.

His schedule is insane but he manages to power through everything and kick ass!

I love him to pieces and I am so proud of everything he’s accomplished and is aiming to achieve.